Silver Labradors are a new color to the Labrador world.  They come in a charcoal or light silver color.  Silver Labs have only been around about 20 years and are fairly new to the West Coast.  They are very popular in other parts of the U.S.  They are registered as either black or chocolate.  The silver gene dilutes the traditional black and chocolate color gene to create a lighter, silvery color.  The same wonderful Labrador dog with a new color of coat .

Our dogs are worked with daily and know all their basic commands. 

They have very strong hunting and retrieving instincts.  They are also very loving and affectionate.
They are smart and well behaved.

Silver Labs
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These are my silver Labs featured on

Silver Lab, Chocolate and Black Pups available now.
Left, one charcoal and one silver pup
Left, silver,charcoal and chocolate Lab pup
Below, Charcoal and Black
Left, Silver 6 mos. old Female
Silver Lab pups , Chocolate and Black available now.   See