I've owned 4 Labs in my life, and this is the best one  - Tom, Springwater OR
I bought my pup for a companion,  I get compliments on Blue everywhere we go, We have had a great time, especially at the beach   - Brian, Beaverton OR
Molly is a great dog, she was potty trained at three months and has been a great family dog for us , Thank You!   - Janna, Hillboro OR

Dino ran out , retrieved the bird and dropped it at my feet, with very little training at all!  My friends were still trying to get their fancy bird dogs to go   -Bob,  Estacada
Reese has proven himself to be a great retriever, also, we have gotten numerous compliments on how easy going and well behaved he is.  He was also essentially crate trained when we got him -  Scott Nelson,  The DecoyBarn , St Helens OR www.thedecoybarn.com
Thank You for giving me such a loving puppy! I decided to name him Griffin.  He is doing so well, and is such a sweet little guy. I couldnt have ended up with a better dog! - Corina, Centralia WA
I got a puppy from you in October of 07. He was the chubby one and his name is Sunny. Look at him now! He is the sweetest dog ever and LOVES to go swimming - Steve

Biscuit is like Lucy. She dives into the water, races to the ball and brings it back to your feet. You ask her to sit. She does. You toss the ball again. Repeat. She's a natural...very little training required for this gal - Pete and Laura, Portland Video Link
Bandit is doing great!  He's getting so big now.  He has a great personality and is so eager to please.  He plays in the pool with the kids all the time, and runs along side them when they ride bikes.  He's such a great family doggie.  The cats still hate him though.  :) - Charissa, Corvallis,  OR

Niko is almost 50 pounds now!  He is still the sweetest dog in the world and loves to play in our backyard, go to Noah’s baseball games, and roll over to get his tummy rubbed!!  He has the most beautiful coat and is getting very strong!!  We get SO many compliments about his demeanor and his looks!!  Thanks again for such a great puppy!! - LeAnne, Washougal, WA

I bought a black male from your 9-3-07 litter and he's very smart and lots of fun. True to his breed he loves to swim and retrieve anything you throw for him. Nice dog!   Tim- Albany
Lily B is doing fabulous!  She has been doing wonderfully on practice hunts- she is not the slightest bit gun shy! We took her out a couple times looking for Quail and we would throw a "hidden" pheasant head, then shoot and she would hunt it up and return the head after we would shoot. 
I swear she is the smartest dog we have ever come across!  Patricia - Newburg, OR
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Below: Reese retrieving and as a pup
Sunny going for it!
Below: Sunny, a Lucy and Chester pup from 2007
Biscuit age 5 months
This is Blitz and Biscuit. Both are our previous pups.
Lily B - age 8 mos.