Your Dog has a Health Guarantee for 26 months from Date of Birth.  The Health Guarantee applies to genetic defects usually associated with hips, shoulders and eyes.  With proper documentation from a Veterinarian,  your purchase price is refundable and the dog must be returned to breeder. Some restrictions and/or exceptions apply.
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Responsible Labrador Retriever Breeders DO:

*Breed in order to improve the breed and produce the best puppies they possibly can

*Ask as many questions of you as you do of them.

*Show evidence of at least two or three years of serious interest in their breed.

*Breed only dogs that closely match the breed standard and are free of serious health and temperament problems.

*Provide referrals to other breeders if they don't have anything available.

 *Provide a registration papers, and up-to-date information on shots and health history on each pup they sell.

*Honestly discuss any special problems/requirements associated with the breed.

*Offer assistance and advice on grooming, training, etc., for the life of the dog.

*If, for any reason and at any time, you cannot keep the dog, will take it back.

*Have dogs that are clean, healthy, happy, and humanely cared for.

* Our pups are highly sought after, and no reputable breeder always has pups on hand.   

 Note: We no longer remove dew claws on our pups.  We have found this to be injurious to our pups and a disservice to the breed, especially Labradors who fetch, swim and pivot alot.  Dew claw removal can lead to performance related injuries in the shoulder region.  Please read the article by M. Christine Zink DVM, PhD, DACVSMR  Titled " Do the Dew(claws) ?"  

To avoid accidents or injury with dew claws, simply keep the nail trimmed on a regular basis.