Welcome To Platinum Labs!
Welcome to Platinum Labrador Retrievers ! 
Our gorgeous Labs are family pets, accomplished Retrievers, possess incredible Championship bloodlines, fabulous hunting skills and loving, devoted personalities.
Platinum Labrador Retrievers are bred for color, conformation, temperament and retrieving ability.  We are a small country home where we raise, train and breed the chocolate, black, silver & yellow Labrador Retrievers. Our yellow are very light, cream colored and white in most cases. Sometimes, they are dark red and golden. We will also have Champagne colored pups in the near future.  These are yellow Labradors with a pewter cast to their coat with a striking amber or blue eye color .  All of our "family" members are healthy, smart and happy.  

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New Born right
A Platinum Lab has very little or no honey coloring at all.  Very White, almost polar bear 

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole ~ Roger Caras

"Your dog is the only relative you can choose"

We proudly recommend and use Life's Abundance dog food.  It is high quality and economical.  For more information and to order see:  www.lifesabundance.com/silverandgoldlabradors

If you have questions or need assistance feel free to contact me. There is a puppy starter pack you may want to order in advance of bringing home your puppy. 

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Proudly raising and training Champion Pedigree Labradors . Our dogs excel in the Field and are fabulous Companions and Family pets.

Puppies Are Available !  Call or Text 971-227-3187

We hope you enjoy our *advertisement free*  website !
Cute lil' butterball :)
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